We create bespoke bags and children's coats.

Bespoke products:

BAGS: If you would like to order a bespoke upcycled bag we can personalise with a number of pipings in different colours, and can show you what coffee sack designs we have available. If you have any particular fabric of your own we can incorporate that into the main panel. Please contact us to discuss.

COATS: Sprigasaurus coats usually contain fabric from 3 or 4 previously loved garments.

We collect garments from various sources, and then design a Sprigasaurus coat using the fabrics in the best way possible. If you would like a bespoke coat made in particular colours please contact us to discuss the fabrics we have in stock.  

If you want to incorporate your own fabric- 

Sometime we are asked if we can incorporate something that has been previously loved by the client.  Occasionally we are asked to make coats from new fabric for certain special occasions.

If you have a favourite piece of clothing you no longer wear, but couldn't quite bring yourself to part with, and would like your child to have a Sprigasaurus coat made from it, we are able to accomodate you.   Rarely are we able to make a whole coat from one garment, but if you are willing to have part of the coat in your loved fabric then contact us to discuss incorporating it into your child's bespoke Sprigasaurus coat.

If you wish to have your Sprigasaurus coat made from new fabric please contact us.