Sprigasaurus On Tour

Sprigasaurus bags  - how far has yours travelled?

Please send us your shots.

capri sprig bag small handbag in gran canaria bags visiting cornwall after trip to sicily 

 A large duffel in blue oil cloth and upcycled textile

- enjoying the scenery in Capri.

 A small handbag in upcycled jute

- out and about in Gran Canaria.

Upcycled small duffel bag, and upcycled jute beach bag

-  visiting Cornwall after their jaunt to Sicily.

 shopping gran canaria  sprigasaurus small duffel perfect for the pub  

Upcycled jute beach bag

-shopping in Gran Canaria

 A small duffel handbag in upcycled textile

- relaxing in Newquay, Cornwall