Sprigasaurus Coats

Individual Handmade Coats for Babies and Children.  

Hand crafted from carefully selected quality fabrics.

There are three ways of buying a coat:

1. Choose from our readymade range, all named after Cornish beaches, each one is totally unique. 

2. Choose from our Concept coats of four themes: The Beach, The Farm, Under the Sea and Space. Each coat will be different as the fabrics we have available are constantly changing.  Further themes expected later this year.

3. Have a bespoke coat made to your colour specifications from the range of fabrics we have available, or incorporating some piece provide by you - a favourite item of clothing no longer worn, but you can't throw out.

Each and every Sprigasaurus handmade coat is one-of-a-kind, unique.

We take a selection of carefully chosen garments. We match them for colour, texture and pattern, then wash them before we upcycle them to create a brand new, hand made, totally individual, Sprigasaurus coat.

The coats are all lined, either with up-cycled lining (previously used to decorate a wedding venue for one day) which is slightly quilted using new polyester wadding or with other suitable upcycled fabrics such as fleece.

Each coat is then finished with poppers, handmade Sprigasaurus buttons or upcycled buttons and additional embroidery or top stitching to complement the fabrics and colours.

We make Sprigasaurus coats in sizes from 3 months up to 7 years old.

Each piece is totally unique. There will never be a duplicate.

Consider yourself helping to save the planet, one coat at a time! 

We deliver the coats freshly laundered, wrapped in recycled tissue paper and sent in an eco biodegradable mailing bag.  

The coats are fully washable.

All the fabrics are

  • sourced from various garments and may have come from homes with animals.
  • mixed fibres
  • laundered at 30, but we do not tumble dry them and we would not suggest doing so.