How Sprigasaurus Started

I've been sewing for as along as I can remember - some times more than at other times.

The seed for Sprigasaurus was sown (sewn?) in the early 90’s… 2 small children (the sprogs) Ed and Vicky.  My sewing machine plus some old clothes equals two coats for two children out enjoying the world.  Upcycling before it was fashionable.  Easy to spot in groups of children, and never bringing home the wrong coat from playgroup. Eventually they grew out of their coats and I sold them at a carboot sale.

Along comes 1998 and a surprise… Katie (a very small sprog –referred to as the Sprig), another carboot and I bought back Vicky's coat!    That's when the little seed was planted… but alas no space; no time! The Sprig developed and her nickname became Sprigasaurus. Time moved on.

That little seed stayed at the back of my mind… Now Ed and Vicky have left home, Katie is almost at the same stage, independent, and happy to give up her Sprig status; I can see space for a sewing room and a change in employment circumstances means I now had time to develop a plan.  The dream became a reality.  My world is now Sprigasaurus. 

Having set up the sewing machines and devoting a room (and lots of the rest of the house) to the new venture we have branched out to include bags from upcycled household textiles and upcycled coffee sacks. The coffee sacks were originally used to transport the unroasted coffee beans into the UK they are given a new lease of life in a current range for him or her.